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Where is Bumbu located?

Bumbu is based in Australia and ships worldwide. We inspire your adventures from Down Under!

Why is bamboo a sustainable product?

Bamboo is a rapidly growing, self propagating crop that does not need the application of fertilisers or excessive amounts of water to aid growth. Growing bamboo has far less environmental impact than mass produced cotton. One concern with the process of turning bamboo into fabric is the use and subsequent disposal of chemicals. Our suppliers have the certificates in place to identify an alignment with our environmental values and ensure that where any chemicals is required, there is a closed loop to the outside environment.

Why do you use small amounts of organically grown cotton?

We use small amounts of certified organically grown cotton in our product to ensure that it is durable and long lasting to support your adventures. We feel the resultant long term benefit of less waste and a better product is worth the small trade off of using less bamboo.

Why is bamboo good for adventures?

Bamboo is soft, absorbent and anti-microbial. This results in an incredibly comfortable product that wicks away sweat keeping you happy and healthy on your adventures.

How is your product produced with minimal environmental impact?

We have spent a great deal of time carefully selecting suppliers and manufacturers that align with our values. This means they all have the necessary certificates in place to meet our high environmental standards throughout the product development lifecycle.

How do you reduce waste at Bumbu?

We use minimal and reusable packaging. Our 'Earth Bags' contain zero plastic and instead use 'Bio Films' to keep your Bumbu fresh during shipping. Once you remove your Bumbu, keep the packet and store anything you like in it. We like to take ours to the local organic whole foods store and fill it with fresh coffee grounds! Once it really reaches the end of its life, we put ours in the compost to feed the worms and the cycle starts again!

We also build Bumbu to last. It's built tough for adventure and this means it will last you many adventures before you need to replace them. When you do, we encourage you to repurpose the fabric. Bamboo fabric is excellent for a range of uses. Spilt something? Bamboo is absorbent! Got a dirty screen? Bamboo is soft and will wipe the grime away without scratching. You get the idea...

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we can ship anywhere in the world. We want to join you on adventures in every corner of the globe!

Are you available in high street shops?

We will be very soon, but for now you can find us online. 

Do you have a Returns policy?

If there is something your not sure about with your pair of Bumbu, simply send them back unworn to us in the re-useable packaging and we will decide if it needs replacing for you. Get in touch with us first at hello@bumbu.com.au to let us know whats up and why you want to return them. Due to the nature of underwear we can't replace them if they've been worn for hygiene reasons.