Environmental mindfulness runs deep through our product - we consider our environmental impact at every step.

You won't find any plastic in a Bumbu delivery. Our packaging is minimal, re-sealable, reusable and biodegradable.

Ethical packaging doesn't need to sacrifice quality. Your Bumbu is delivered fresh due to the high barrier bio-foil lining which is completely bio degradable. Accompanied with the use of bio-degradable adhesives and bio-zips to make them fully reusable, our packaging aligns with our values perfectly. 

Tip: we like to take ours down to the local whole foods store to re-fill with fresh organic coffee grounds. They are perfect! Or why not use it to pack your lunch in for your next hike. We would love to hear how you re-purpose your packaging. Let us know at hello@bumbu.com.au so we can share and inspire!

Bamboo is a rapidly growing, self-propagating crop that does not need the application of fertilisers or excessive amounts of water to aid growth. Growing bamboo has far less environmental impact than mass produced cotton.

Our underwear is designed to last. The small amount of organic cotton in our underwear makes the fabric stronger and more durable. We stand for sustainability, not disposability.

More chemical pesticides are used on cotton than any other crop. We ensure you clothes are chemical free, and minimise our environmental impact, by using exclusively organic cotton. NO pesticides OR herbicides in our cotton!