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Turning ordinary into extraordinary adventure with Arthur Longo

Here at Bumbu we want to inspire adventures in everything you do. Taking the ordinary path to a destination can be easy and direct. But isn't it more interesting if we turn it into an extraordinary path, grabbing every opportunity for adventure along the way? In this video, French snowboarder Arthur Longo takes these opportunities and turns a regular run down a  smooth groomed slope into a whirlwind feast of adventure.  Awesome inspiration to forge your own path and throw in some adventure along the way!    

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Unconventional Adventures with Candide Thovex

Here at Bumbu we are all about encouraging everyday adventure. It doesn't matter if these adventures are conventional or not. In fact, some of our best adventures are the least expected and most unconventional. The exploits of Candide Thovex grabbed our attention. Here's a guy who finds adventure anywhere. You think you need snow on a slope to ski? Watch this and think again.... Adventure not falling in your lap? Bumbu can help. Go and make it happen!  

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