Prince EA Shares The Story That Inspired Bumbu Lifestyle

When it comes to inspiration or motivation, Prince EA is a person who delivers big, and on a regular basis. No BS, no hidden agenda. Just relatable clear truths, particularly when it comes to the health of our environment and our impact upon it. 

A man with a vision and values that align with ours here at Bumbu. We want to encourage an environmental awareness through the promotion of everyday adventures in everyone. We aim to do this in a sustainable and ethical way.

Haven't heard of him? Watch below and try not to be moved.


Prince EA recently shared a story featuring the co-founders of Bumbu. This story highlights the freedom an adventure brings, and the opportunity it provides to reconnect with the environment away from daily grinds. Bumbu aims to bring this reminder into your daily routines to provide a constant source of motivation to get out and explore and consider your environment.

Check out his post here.


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