Bumbu Lifestyle Founders Interviewed By go-van.com, California, USA

Vanlife Bumbu

The founders of Bumbu Lifestyle recently interviewed with go-van.com to explain how their own adventures led to the inspiration for the project and to give an insight into their motivations for a life of adventure....

Where are you guys from and what led you to live in a rolling home ? 

We are Rob and Laura from Perth, Australia. I grew up in Europe and spent summers chasing surf and adventure, living out of vans with friends. Laura had a particularly adventurous upbringing spending her childhood in more remote towns all over Australia while her family explored and followed entrepreneurial opportunities. I guess we both have it engrained in us that life is more than routine and security. After living and working in Perth for a number of years we both missed the daily sense of adventure. I was working as an Environmental Scientist, and Laura as a Teacher. We both enjoyed these rewarding roles and the contributions they made to the wider community, but felt our sense of adventure and creativity was restricted on a day to day basis. Taking off in the van was a chance to reset, explore and rediscover whats most important to us.

Read the full interview here.

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