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Welcome To The Bumbu Lifestyle

You can join the adventure early here at Kickstarter!

Combining passions for adventure, the environment, creativity and style, we produce super comfortable and eco-friendly bamboo underwear. But we want to provide more than a product, we want to inspire a lifestyle. The Bumbu Lifestyle is all about motivating & encouraging everyday adventures while keeping you comfortable, looking good and environmentally aware as you explore the amazing natural world surrounding you.

Designed and made in Australia, we provide a product that supports the spirit of adventure in everybody, from the everyday urban adventurer to the more radical explorer. Our underwear is designed to support the fun times, be it an impromptu swim on the way home from work, or to keep you comfortable on that ambitious hike you’ve always wanted to do.

This is where the breathable, moisture absorbent, anti microbial, soft, comfortable and stylish Bumbu comes in. Made from a premium quality blend of 67% bamboo for comfort, 28% organic cotton for durability, and 5% spandex for when things get physical, Bumbu is there to support your adventures. 

We have paid attention to detail with features such as premium eco materials, flat lock stitching and soft backed waistbands. Trials have allowed us to identify the best fabric weight & blend to provide support and comfort. Our efforts have allowed us to refine Bumbu into exactly what we wanted it to be.

The environment and ethics has been at the forefront of our product development, from the garment itself to the production and packaging. Our product is made of sustainable bamboo and organically grown cotton. Dyes are certified environmentally friendly. Our packaging is minimal, reusable and compostable. Not only does this make it an ethical and durable product to support your daily adventures, it also makes it extremely comfortable. Adventure is healthy, adventure is sexy, so why not feel good and look good because of it?

How Can You Get Hold Of Bumbu?

Product will be available in the Online Store soon but for now, head over to Kickstarter by following the link below and come and join the adventure!

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