Bumbu Lifestyle Adventures In The Royal National Park, Sydney, Australia

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Bumbu Lifestyle have been in Sydney Australia, busily working away at inspiring adventure and building the community. 

With some spare time and stunning weather in the forecast we decided to go and explore the spectacular Royal National Park, right on the doorstep of Australia's largest and busiest urban area. We wanted to highlight the opportunity Sydney's urban adventurers have, and encourage them to leap into it.

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After a short drive from the CBD, as the tarmac abruptly stops and the ancient gumtrees begin, one of the first stops you encounter upon entering the park is Wattamolla Beach. What a beach this is. It's as if someone has been in and landscaped it with the simple brief of 'make it beautiful, make it peaceful, and make it fun!'. A sandbar provides protection from the crashing waves to a meandering river  that forms a secluded lagoon providing the perfect place for a tranquil cooling swim, with shade provided up to the shoreline by native bush. Surrounded by rock platforms of varying heights, the lagoon resembles an idyllic olympic diving pool in a bush wilderness setting.

Following a trail at the back of the park takes you on the next part of your adventure. The beginning of the return loop to Curracurrong Falls and Eagle Rock leads you through a stunning sandstone formation that resembles a moonscape. You really feel like you could be on another planet, but you're only a few kilometres out of Sydney!

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As the trail descends the cliffs and you cross a tidal inlet, you pass through dense scrub that is alive with lizards and birds competing for the abundant insects that reside among the nooks and crevices of the other worldly geology.

The first glimpse on the approach to Curracurrong Falls is breathtaking, as you're presented with a waterfall that plunges into the ocean below from a significant height. As you look for a better vantage point you notice Eagle Rock has been hiding behind you in the dense bush. Named after its resemblance of a powerful Eagles head and beak, it provides the perfect platform to photograph the falls as the sun sets behind them.

Australia Sydney Bamboo Underwear Adventure Photography Waterfall

The trail is around 7 kilometres return, you should leave around two hours plus any time you want to spend taking in the falls, cooling off in the creeks and admiring the landscape along the way. You won't want to rush!

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With stunning ocean beaches, tranquil lagoons, incredible geology and a breathtaking waterfall all within a short drive from the busy metropolis of Sydney, the Royal National Park really is an adventure that is accessible and waiting for everyone.

Get out there and enjoy, join the adventure here!

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